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Meet the Team

Our dedicated team at the Kimbriki Eco House and Garden include Peter Rutherford, Rachel Kernaghan and Adam Tilley.

Peter Rutherford

Peter Rutherford

Peter Rutherford has been the Senior Eco Gardener at Kimbriki Eco House and Garden for more than 18 years. Peter is a social ecologist, horticulturist and educator with an extensive knowledge of soils and microbes and the sciences of composting and worm farming. With an infectious passion for sustainable living, Peter inspires both adults and children to live more sustainably.

Peter has taught in schools, co-designed and presented the EPA Earthworks and the Waste Board’s Healthy Gardens courses and has authored many articles, books and videos. Peter has been both guest and presenter on ABC’s popular Gardening Australia as well as appearing on various gardening and lifestyle television programs promoting the benefits of composting and worm farming.

You can contact Peter by writing or emailing via Kimbriki Eco House and Garden.

Rachel Kernaghan

Rachel Kernaghan is a keen educator and trained teacher who has been working and volunteering in environmental education for the last 10 years. She is a local mum who has been teaching about ecology and sustainability, locally with OzGREEN, Kimbriki, Auseco, Manly Vale Community Garden and local schools. 

Over the last 5 years she has been the dedicated Kitchen Garden specialist teacher at Seaforth and Narraweena Public Schools teaching young children how to grow their own food, compost their food waste and understand more about their relationship with their natural environment. Rachel has also been educating members of the local community about the various ways to reduce the use of chemicals in homes including household chemicals, personal care products and pesticides/fertilisers in family food. 

Rachel’s passion and energy for reducing waste and educating others about these issues, especially her work with local schools, allows us to expand our reach even further into the community.

Adam Tilley 

Adam Tilley spent most of his late teens and 20s pursuing a career in journalism and media, but 3 years ago his passion for ecology and the environment was awoken after attending a local Permaculture course. Adam began volunteering at Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre, devoting as much time as he could to maintaining the magnificent gardens that Peter and the team at Kimbriki had created, to educate and inspire the residents of the Northern Beaches Council, and beyond.

After almost 2 years, Adam was given the opportunity to join the Eco House and Garden team at Kimbriki. The knowledge he had gained while volunteering enabled him to further his desire to share what he had learned with others. Adam began working alongside Peter in the Kimbriki pilot school program where they worked closely with Terrey Hills and Mona Vale Public Schools to educate and ultimately inspire children to embrace the principles of Permaculture and sustainable living, through in-school composting and veggie garden projects.

Recently Adam has also been conducting tours of the Kimbriki site which gives him even more opportunity to share his passion for the environment and ecological living.