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  • Be the change you want to see

    by Peter Rutherford - Senior Ecologist – Kimbriki Eco House & Garden

    How can we work together to inspire faster ecological change and action throughout our community? How can we deepen our connection to nature and all living things?

    In all our Kimbriki tours and workshops we begin by defining ecology and state that all our work is about this primary principle.

    So, what is ecology?

    From the Greek language:

    • Ecos (pronounced “e-coss”) – Where we ‘be’.  Our place of ‘being’.  (No matter where you go, there you are!)
    • Logos (pronounced “lo-goss”) – The meaning we make and the care we take of wherever we ‘be’.

    Therefore: Ecology simply means - Taking care of everywhere I go.

    The Kimbriki Eco House & Garden Education Centre is known far and wide. Most people know where it is and love it.

    Kimbriki is a resource recovery and recycling centre providing an essential service to the residents of the Northern Beaches. We aim to reuse and recycle as much as we can.

    Over the last few years our records show that Kimbriki is reusing and recycling around 80% of everything that comes in to the site. We’d like to thank the community and our customers for supporting the reduction of waste to landfill and for being such great recyclers.

    Our aim is to increase this result. The better you can sort your waste and recycling, the better we can reuse and recycle it! Our education philosophy is firmly based on what we call the 4 R’s - Rethink. Reduce. Re-Use. Recycle. It’s simple but very effective if we all actually try and live by it!


    • Rethink about what each of us does in relation to ‘waste’, both at home and at work.
    • Come up with innovative and practical ways of working toward ‘zero waste to landfill’.


    • The less we bury (in landfill) each year at Kimbriki, the longer we will be able to continue operating as a community facility
    • Reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ we fill up our houses and lives with.
    • Reduce what goes into your red lid bin (waste) by reusing and recycling everything you can.


    • Use things again. Second-hand is great!
    • Support garage sales, boot sales, and charity shops, etc.
    • Come to our second-hand Reuse Shop at Kimbriki – it’s open 7 days per week


    • Recycle all your food scraps from home, work and school – compost bins, worm farms, community gardens.
    • Make sure everything that can be recycled, (paper & cardboard, metals, glass, and hard plastic containers) ends up in the correct recycling bin, both at your home, work and school.
    • Even clean, scrunchable soft plastics can now be taken to Woolworths or Coles supermarkets for recycling. Soft plastics include plastic bags, bread bags, cracker and biscuit packets, bubble wrap. Look out for the RedCycle bins.
    • Your ‘waste’ bin (red lid) will have much, much less in it. You’ll be amazed!

    We are doing everything we can for you and we’d love you to do everything you can for us. Remember, Rethink, Reduce, Re-use and Recycle!!

    As Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see”.

    Come and do a free composting, worm farming, organic gardening workshops with us here at Kimbriki, or organise for your local schools to come on special ecology excursions to Kimbriki.

    We also love hosting ecological tours for special interest groups (eg Gardening clubs, Probus, Rotary, TAFE, Universities, etc).

    For more information, please visit

    For details on upcoming Kimbriki workshops, visit

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    DATE PUBLISHED:  Wednesday, 15 March 2017