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Kimbriki has developed a range of resources to support your journey to a more sustainable future.

To learn how to apply organic gardening techniques successfully, attend one of our workshops conducted by ecologist, teacher and Kimbriki’s Senior Eco Gardener Peter Rutherford.

Workshop Notes

Download our workshop notes by clicking on the links below:


Acid Alkali Balance

The Ideal Diet - Understanding pH level and the Link to Disease, with the kind permission of Dr David Collison of The Huntly Centre

ABC Benchgerms Article

Our education work here at Kimbriki has a significant focus on human health. This article from the ABC Health report is DEFINITELY worth reading if you are trying to keep you and your family healthy. The information in this article will come as a bit of a shock to many of you, because it is suggesting that you DO NOT use any hand washing or body care products that contain the word ANTIBACTERIAL. We are learning that microscopic organisms such as bacteria are actually our ‘friends’. There are many more ‘good’ microbes protecting you, than there are ‘bad’ microbes that can make you sick. Please take the time to read this article for you and your family.

ABC Benchgerms  

Reading and Reference List

Download Peter Rutherford’s recommended reading list

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Eco products and services are not always easy to find. At Kimbriki Eco House and Garden we are happy to invite sponsors to provide products or expertise to showcase to thousands of motivated visitors each year.

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